How to prepare for IELTS, PTE OR CELPIP

Do you find it hard to prepare for English assessment exams?. Don’t worry ,it is easier than you think.Here are some tips for exams such as IELTS, PTE, and CELPIP.

Different Educational institutes and various governments have approved different tests across the world to filter the suitable students. Therefore these tests check the proficiency level of the students and assign them the score. Exams such as IELTS and PTE are easy to tackle, if you know the requirements or demands of the examiners and how to fulfill those demands. Such a situation is like ‘GIVE and TAKE‘. Therefore test takers MUST provide what the examiner wants and the examiner will return what students need i.e. desired test score.To get higher score in less time, you need to focus on some steps for the preparation of IELTS and PTE.



Be clear about why you want to get good grades.

Step 1 : Learn about the test format first

The students should make themselves familiar with the format of the test.  Therefore they should review the components of the test, as well as the question and tasks for each section. It is only after learning about different question types and the marking criteria,they should build their own approach. When the student clearly knows what is expected in test and how it is scored,he or she must make sure that the more rewarding test items should get more attention.

Step 2 : Start improving your English

Test Takers are being tested on the usage of English. So you should start working on improving your vocabulary and Grammar. It takes time to learn a language, but the time can be reduced if you take the help of a good teacher as the feedback you receive from your teacher will help you improve your skills. So while preparing for IELTS or PTE, you can improve your skill-set needed to ace different modules  such as speaking, listening, reading and writing.

The test takers must understand how different skills can be acquired or improved by using varied techniques and strategies such as skimming and scanning for reading. Use your English every day and converse with your friends and family members.It will surely help you to build a good environment for you. Write letters, e-mails or notes for the field of your interest. Read Newspaper daily. Listen to news, podcasts or conversations involving people using variety of accents.

SURROUND YOURSELF WITH THE LANGUAGE.The is simple rule to learn any language “Use it or Lose it”. Read, speak, listen and write in English every time you get an opportunity to improve your English and consequently your exam score.

Step 3 : Start preparing with the question types of exam

Once you are confident that you have acquired adequate skills needed to use the language, you should start preparing by attempting different types of questions for IELTS PTE and CELPIP . The essential activity here is to understand the various steps or activities to perform while attempting questions. Take help from teacher to know the different steps to follow to reach at the most appropriate option as answer. You should regularly take feedback from a teacher for the assessment of your skills. The constructive feedback is necessary to overshoot your target score.Here at TARGET 9 Jalandhar,we provide constructive feedback for every question a student attempts.

Step 4 : Practice, Practice, Practice

Do a lot of practice to know how the questions and answer choices can be paraphrased in more than one ways. Understand how a text or audio can be made more complex by the examiner and focus to extract your answer from that material. The more you practice, the more you become aware of  question stem or answer choices.

Step 5 : Keep Calm and Appear in the Exam.

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How to prepare for IELTS, PTE OR CELPIP
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