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TARGET 9 is the best institute in Jalandhar, providing IELTS and PTE coaching with outstanding results. More than 150 students have scored Band 9 in atleast one module with 3 students scoring EACH 9.

Enhance your score by preparing from TARGET 9, the best institute for IELTS, PTE and COMPUTER BASED IELTS. We provide quality education as most of the teachers are CAMBRIDGE TRAINED AND CERTIFIED with band score 7.5 or above with perfect 9 in one or more modules. So you are taught by experts to get HIGHER SCORE IN LESS TIME by the trainers who are passionate to make the students successful.  


Why Choose Us:
Some Awesome Facilities Of Target 9

IELTS Staff With Band Score 9

Faculty incharge has band score 9 in listening and reading. Most of the teachers have band score 7.5 or above with perfect 9 in one or more modules. So you are taught by experts

Individual Attention

We provide individual attention to each and every student to eliminate the weaknesses. Therefore a student takes less time to prepare.

Well Furnished Campus

AC rooms, Hi-speed internet, smart classrooms, 100+ online tests.

Special IELTS Classes

Special Grammar classes are given free of cost. Additionally, special classes are provided to the students, in case they need extra attention for certain type of questions.

Cambridge University Press Partners

We are proud partners of Cambridge university press. So, the students have the privilege of accessing official study material from Cambridge. Moreover, students are trained by Cambridge certified teachers.

Feedback Sessions

Students get CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK FOR EVERY QUESTION THEY ATTEMPT. Teachers analyse the problem and provide easy solutions to raise band score